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Social Media Volunteer / Intern




Position: Social Media Volunteer or Intern

Report to: President and the Operations Coordinator

Hours: 10 hours a week

Contract Duration: 3 months minimum

Place of work: Bogotá, Colombia (Carrera 13 # 100 - 16 Apto 304) and independent


Job Summary

The social media volunteer or intern creates, organizes, plans and manages all social media communications. He or she reports to the president and the Operations Coordinator. The schedule is flexible with 5 hours per week required in the office. Project Béisbol also encourages all volunteers to participate in the collection of equipment and fundraising events during the afternoons and weekends from time to time.

Main activities

  • Manage all social media outlets

    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Plan and write the posts

  • Translate the posts from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English (preferred)

  • Develop effective hashtag strategy

  • Publish and track social media

  • Research and make recommendations for improvements

  • Manage and respond to all comments in social media

  • Develop relationship with other pages and groups in the social media networks

  • Be aware of the publications from individuals, entities and media about the organization, and optimize in social media

  • Always guarantee that the information that the people, entities or media give of the foundation is correct (name, mail, website, etc.)

  • Some projects will require the approval of the president prior to launch; others will be at the discretion of the volunteer or intern of social medias


Minimum requirements

  • Experience in activities similar to the objective of the position

  • Management of basic computer utilities: Word processor, spreadsheets, e-mail and Internet.

  • Good knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

  • Knowledge of Photoshop and video editing software (preferred)

  • Bilingual English and Spanish (preferred)

  • Minimum experience required: 1 year in similar activities ​

For more information, contact us!

If you are interested, send us your resume at 

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