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Corporate Sponsorships

Project Béisbol welcomes in-kind donations and sponsorship from individuals, organizations and corporations, including the following:


  • Transportation of baseball supplies (domestic and international).

  • Staff transportation and accommodation (domestic and international).

  • Equipment storage

  • Collateral material design and printing

  • Laptop computers (new and used)

  • Office supplies

  • Etc.

All in-kind and monetary donations are fully tax deductible as Project Béisbol is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Project Béisbol is able to carry out its mission in a cost effective fashion because of the generous and thoughtful sponsors and partners that offer discounted and complimentary services, materials and products.


We SALUTE the following organizations and companies :


For more information on sponsorship opportunities, Contact Us or 800.968.4604.

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