Home Run for Equality

Home Run for Equality (Home Run por la igualdad)


In January, the international non-profit organization Project Béisbol partnered with the U.S.
Embassy and 4 MLB players to offer professional baseball clinics and promote gender equality, benefiting over 500 boys and girls in 5 in Nicaragua. With the support of the  Nicaraguan Federation of Associated Baseball (FENIBA) and the Major League Players Association, these clinics were led by Major League Baseball players Jed Lowrie (USA) of the Oakland Athletics; John Mayberry, Jr. (USA), former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder; Juan Carlos Ramírez (Nicaragua), pitcher for Los Angeles Angels; and by a former Minnesota Twins pitcher, Albert Williams (Nicaragua).


Thanks to the support of the U.S. Embassy and Jed Lowrie, Project Béisbol was able to donate over 1000 lbs. of baseball and softball supplies, benefiting over 500 boys and girls across the country. Project Béisbol channels donated supplies to at-risk youth players in vulnerable communities in Latin America. It works with organized non-profit baseball and softball programs in the region, leveraging the sport as a mechanism for peace, social change, gender equality, international education and regional unity. Since 2008, Project Béisbol has benefited 3,000 kids in 55 communities in 6 countries.


For further information about the program and how to get involved with Project Béisbol, please contact the President and Founder, Justin Halladay, at jh@projectbeisbol.org or visit ProjectBeisbol.org or www.Facebook.com/projectbeisbolLearn more.