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We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to those of you who have donated to the Immediate Relief Program for Colombians and Venezuelans. We have already received $6,700 in grassroots donations in a short amount of time! Last week, our community partners across Colombia delivered nutritious food to 120 families (480 people) in the most vulnerable communities to support their household for one month through the worst of this crisis. To protect them from infection, we included sanitary supplies and COVID-19 prevention educational materials in the deliveries. 

We are also incredibly excited to announce a new Donation Matching Program! For the next week, one of our generous donors will be matching all donations made to the program up to $5,000. This means every dollar you donate in the next seven days will be doubled. $5,000 dollars raised and $10,000 with matching will result in an additional 200 families (800 people) in six cities being comforted knowing that they will get through the darkest moments of this crisis.

Donate now and share with your friends!

Finally, we want to share an update from one of our amazing partners who is supporting her community through our relief program. Eloanis Moncaris Montalvo on the Island of Tierra Bomba (near Cartagena) is one of the community partners who inspired our campaign by having already initiated her own grassroots campaign to feed the people in her undeserved island town.

“We sincerely thank all who donated to help us buy food for the people in my town. God bless you! Your generous support is an immense relief on this island which has been tragically overlooked and forgotten by the government for years. Many people work in tourism which will not be back anytime soon. All the beneficiary families very happy and appreciative for your compassion and generosity during these difficult times. This initiative has enabled me to aid the most vulnerable people in my community, and in the process has filled me with love and the desire to keep helping others for the rest of my life.” 

Eloanis Moncaris Montalvo
-Youth Softball Coach, Tierra Bomba Island, Colombia
-US Department of State, Sport for Social Change Participant
-Project Beisbol Volunteer


Every dollar will make an immediate impact. $50 can support a family of four for a month. Make a tax deductible donation today!


¡Donate Now!

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