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International Volunteer & Internship Program

Our International Volunteer & Internship Program is a unique, educational, cultural immersion experience in Colombia for a period of two months to one year. Our program offers volunteers and interns the opportunity to truly change lives and entire communities through variety of baseball/softball, cultural and educational activities. The Colombia volunteer track is ideal for recent college graduates and adults who have experience with baseball and/or softball and a pre-intermediate (B1) level of Spanish. The Colombia internship track is ideal for undergraduate or graduate students with the same experience and Spanish proficiency level. 


  • Colombia Volunteer and Internship Functions: Participants will provide support for at-risk youth baseball and softball players in a number of capacities, including baseball and softball coaching and program development, cultural exchange, English programs, educational workshops, and youth leadership and mentoring programs. Project Beisbol places great emphasis on the social inclusion, gender equality, leadership and conflict resolution, therefore, many activities will incorporate these themes.


  • Academic Component: For the internship track, we identify a specific project related to the intern’s major or course of study which also serves an important purpose for our mission in the given community. Interns would be required to write a paper on this project following the requirements of their university. We can adapt the internship to the requirements of the university which can be discussed on a preliminary call with the university and the intern candidate.


  • Target Audiences: Since 2008, Project Beisbol has served at-risk children and adolescents in vulnerable communities in Latin America, including communities facing extreme poverty, geographic isolation, the impact of refugee relocation and integration, and post-conflict reintegration. This program will target the same audiences with goal of addressing these social issues to improve the quality of life for our beneficiaries and generate greater international awareness and stronger relationship between the people and countries in our hemisphere.


  • Program Length: We offer programs of two months to one year. Options to continue as a volunteer after the program are available.


  • Day-to-Day Responsibilities: Day-to-day responsibilities will vary depending on the locations, qualifications and interests of the intern, and the necessities of the communities. A typical volunteer or intern will go to the location of the program for 6 hours a day: 2-3 hours of practice with one or two groups; teach and average of 2-3 hours English lessons and/or educational workshops in collaboration with our local partners; and for interns 1-2 hour to work on their identified project. This schedule allows ample time for Spanish classes daily.


  • Schedule: The program is built for flexibility to allow the interns to engage in other cultural activities and travel during their time in Colombia. We ask the interns dedicate an average minimum of 5 days and 30 hours per week. The hourly schedule will vary and some positions will require weekend hours. Routine travel time to the program location is not included in the hour requirement. Travel time will vary depending on the location.


  • Free Time: Volunteers and interns will have two consecutive days per week free to rest or travel. In addition, they will accumulate two days of time off per month of the participation in the program. These days can be used for up to one week trips during the program. Observations and restrictions:  

    • Interns may take a maximum of one week free time at a time and no more than one week in a month.

    • Only one full week time off per each two months.

    • Intern may not take the last week of the program off.

    • Intern must coordinate to not take the same days off as the other volunteer in their program, in the event that there are two volunteers in the program. Petitions for exceptions will be accepted.

    • Participants must give 2 weeks notice for all time off of more than 1 day.

  • Program Costs: Program costs vary depending on location and length of stay. A detailed quote can be provided upon an initial interview with the volunteer or intern candidate. Participants will be responsible for international and domestic airfare, international health insurance, and all personal and travel costs. There is an administration fee of $400-$1,000 per volunteer and intern per program depending on length of stay and location. The administrative cost covers all costs related to program application, coordination, orientation, security, local transportation, on-going support, and in some locations food and housing.


  • Housing, Food and Transport: Participants can choose from a variety of housing options, including home stay, private apartment, hostels, etc. Housing options costs vary depending on location. In some locations, these food and/or housing are covered by the administrative fee. Local transportation is included in the administrative fee.  


  • Optional Spanish Classes: We offer discounted Spanish classes for all participants through our local partner institutes. Classes can be taken individually or in small groups. We can provide a quote after the initial interview with the applicant.


  • Locations: We have availability for volunteers and internships in Colombia in the following cities: Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Quibdo, and Cucuta.


  • Program Application and Acceptance: Please contact us informing us of your interest in the program. Upon receipt, we will review the qualification of the volunteer or intern and schedule a video interview. For interns applicants, we will have a call with the university managers to discuss the internship requirements and get a student reference. Once we have all necessary information, we will review and make a decision at the earliest possible date.


Please visit our testimonial page to read some of the experiences from volunteers over the past 12 years

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