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Project Beisbol partners with Jed Lowrie of the New York Mets to provide
Advanced prosthetic leg for high school baseball player in Colombia

The international non-profit organization Project Beisbol has expanded its mission to help young baseball players with disabilities. Through the support of Project Beisbol’s biggest MLB supporter Jed Lowrie, 17-year-old Jose Mosquera of the remote region of Choco, Colombia, will play baseball on two legs for the first time in March 2019.

In 2012, José was on a tractor carrying fuel to a mine with his brother and friends. While driving up a hill, the vehicle overturned. His friends and brother were left unharmed, yet Jose lost his right leg at age 12. Despite this tragic setback, Jose fought for his life and even discovered a passion for baseball. Project Beisbol President and Founder, Justin Halladay, met Jose a year ago while visiting a program inspired by local leaders in the remote rainforest region of Choco, Colombia.

Although Jose had been playing for just one month, it was clear that he had a great deal of talent and passion for baseball - even on one leg. “He's a happy, responsible and talented boy, determined to compete with the others on the field and to be a leader in his community,” states Halladay.

His heroic story inspired Halladay to seek a way to help Jose play to his full potential. Halladay reached out to world renowned Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Orlando who offered a very fair price for a high-quality prosthetic leg with and advanced mechanical knee and carbon fiber foot to support Jose. The Lowries, having already been moved by Jose’s story, wrote a check the same day to cover the costs for the prosthetic leg and fitting procedure. In a recent interview, Lowrie commented, “Milessa and I were truly inspired by the video of Jose playing the game on one leg. It speaks volumes to what the game means to so many. We are amazed at how fast he has adapted to the new prosthetic leg and look forward to seeing him play soon.”

Project Beisbol was selected in 2018 by University of Montana and the U.S. Department of State’s Sports Diplomacy division to design and manage a unique two-way international exchange program called Sport for Social Change: USA-Colombia. The program unites baseball and softball with education, cultural exchange and community service. Jose Moquera was selected to participate in this program from February 28-March 11, 2019 in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, after which he has undergone the fitting process for the prosthetic leg in Orlando. Jose participated in friendly baseball and softball games, gender equality and leadership workshops and cultural activities with the other youth participants, as well as a visit and workout with U.S. Department of State Sports Envoy Jed Lowrie and the Mets at spring training in Port Saint Lucie on March 2.

According to Justin Halladay, “We have invited Jose on the exchange for the same reason we have fought to get him a prosthetic leg - because he’s a determined kid from a vulnerable and isolated community that has suffered terribly. He loves baseball and deserves a chance.”


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