Through the support of Project Beisbol’s biggest MLB supporter Jed Lowrie, 18-year-old José Mosquera of the remote region of Chocó, Colombia is playing baseball on two legs for the first time in his life. Now, Jose has returned to Chocó and is leading the mission to improve his town of Managru through baseball. This is your chance to join him.

In 2012, José Mosquera Hurtado was on a tractor carrying fuel to a mine with his brother and friends. While driving up a hill, the vehicle overturned. His friends and brother were left unharmed, yet Jose lost his right leg at the age of 12. Despite this tragic setback, Jose fought for his life and eventually discovered a passion for baseball. Project Beisbol President and Founder, Justin Halladay met Jose a year ago while visiting a program inspired by local leaders in the remote rainforest region of Chocó, Colombia.

Chocó, Colombia, where José lives, is an extremely isolated and impoverished area. The children have very little resources and opportunities. Even on one leg, José was one of the first children to come out to play when Project Beisbol came to Chocó. He’s a happy, responsible and talented young man, determined to compete with the others on the field and to be a leader in his community. Upon meeting Jose, learning his story, and seeing his heroic determination and resolve on and off the field, Project Beisbol was inspired to seek a way to help José play to his full potential. Expanding its mission to help young baseball players with disabilities started with bringing José to the United States to receive a high-quality prosthetic leg with and advanced mechanical knee and carbon fiber foot.

MLB All-Star Jed Lowrie and his wife Milessa were so moved by Jose’s story, they wrote a check the same day to cover the costs for the prosthetic leg and fitting procedure. Lowrie explained, “Milessa and I were truly inspired by the video of Jose playing the game on one leg. It speaks volumes to what the game means to so many. We wish him the best with the fitting process and look forward to meeting him in March.”

Please consider joining the Lowries and Project Beisbol to support Jose in his journey, and help him get the continued support that he will need. To help him return to Chocó not only with a new leg, but also renewed hope, and to help Project Beisbol continue to bring baseball, opportunities and resources, in the very vulnerable community of Chocó, please consider donating to this campaign today.

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¡Help this campaign reach its goal!
¡Help this campaign reach its goal!
Jose Mosquera