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Project Béisbol is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to developing sustainable baseball and softball programs for boys and girls in vulnerable communities. We support teams, charities and schools with equipment donations, high quality instruction, exchange programs, educational workshops, English classes and leadership programs with the goal of empowering young leaders and fomenting positive social change on the local level in Latin America.


Since 2008, our volunteers have benefited over 11,000 baseball and softball players in 150 programs in 7 countries with the support of the U.S. Department of State, corporate sponsors, MLB teams and players, college and high school teams, youth leagues and hundreds of generous cash and equipment donors from around the world.

The Bases of Project Béisbol

  • Baseball/Softball: Supporting youth teams in communities of economic need is the heart of our mission, which opens the door to international community collaboration and cultural exchange.

  • Community: International collaboration with local community leaders and coaches enables Project Béisbol to effectively carry out its mission and participate in the building of stronger communities in the region.

  • Education: Project Béisbol proudly offers volunteer and internship opportunities – enabling cultural exchange and collaboration among the youth of the USA/Canada and Latin American countries.

  • Opportunity: Through sport, international community collaboration and education, Project Béisbol is creating life changing opportunities for children and young adults.


To be a catalyst for positive change on the local level in Latin America through baseball, educational and cultural exchange between the youth of the USA and Latin American countries.

Mission & Vision 

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