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Jose's Journey

Jose's Journey

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José Mosquera Hurtado

José Mosquera Hurtado lives in the remote village of Managru, Chocó, Colombia and is 17 years old. He started playing baseball a month ago in one of our programs. In 2012, on any given day, José was working with his brother and friends carrying some cans and ACPM for some mines using a tractor as a means of transport. When he reached a hill, the tractor fell over. While his brother and friends managed to get away unharmed, José was unfortunately pinned under the tractor and subsequently lost his right leg.


Despite his disability, José is a cheerful young man and likes to practice all kinds of sports, especially baseball. During our visit this month, he told us, "I have only practiced baseball a few times during a month, but thanks to the Project Béisbol, the community now has more supplies for the kids and I am very excited to practice every day now." José’s courage and drive are an inspiration to all the other children in the community and to our volunteers.


If you are interested in helping José get a prosthetic leg and/or helping develop the baseball and softball program in this very isolated and vulnerable community for more than 50 children and adolescents, contact us today.

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