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Sponsor a Team

Project Béisbol offers the opportunity to sponsor a team or teams in Latin America for a year. Sponsorship includes quality baseball and softball equipment and new uniforms for the kids.


Who sponsors:
Individuals, groups, corporations and other baseball/softball teams.


Who receives the support:
A team of 12-16 kids which demonstrates a serious necessity for support and interest in a continued relationship with the sponsoring entity.


What is included in the sponsorship for the teams:
New uniforms and quality baseball or softball equipment.


Sponsor Benefits (at the discretion of the sponsor):

  • Name the team and/or logo recognition on the uniforms

  • Recognition on PB website and social media

  • Quarterly updates on the team’s progress

  • Photos and video from the team

  • The opportunity to travel to the region to see the team and the progress they are making


Cost of Sponsorship:
$1,200 per year. The following year is $500 if new uniforms are not needed. 


All contributing individuals, organizations and corporations are provided information on measured improvements at the recipient baseball and softball programs. All sponsorship donations are fully tax-deductible as Project Beisbol is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


To sponsor a team or for more information, email Contact Us or call 800.968.4604.

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