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Volunteers & Internships

Volunteer for Project Béisbol! Meet great people, learn new skills, travel to the region to work with the communities and change the world. Project Béisbol is dedicated to providing volunteer and education opportunities for children, adolescents and adults in the United States, Canada and Latin America. Volunteers can help through a number of functions, including equipment collection, fundraising, administration, events, and community relations, among other interesting and rewarding jobs. 

Community Service & Cultural Exchange

A variety of opportunities exist for volunteering, including high school community service, Christian Service, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Eagle Scout projects and university internships. Adults can help in a variety of ways through their area of expertise or getting involved in the community relations and projects.



Non-paid internships are available for students in a variety of fields, including marketing and communications, operations management, international studies, international business, social work, etc. Once approved by the university, the student may receive course credit from the college or university. The majority of interns are offered the opportunity to travel to visit our recipient communities on one of the missions.


Volunteer opportunities in Colombia and Nicaragua

Project Beisbol has increased its presence in Colombia over the last few years. There are many opportunities for Colombian and foreign volunteers in a number of cities.


International Volunteer Program

For volunteers seeking an adventurous, full-time, cultural immersion experience in Colombia, we offer International leadership Program. This is a fee-based program which offers the volunteers the opportunity to train baseball and softball, establish programs, teach English and engage with the kids and communities around the countries. Learn more.  


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